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Hydrotherapy takes place in a heated pool (normally 33-36 degrees) and is led by a qualified Physiotherapist. The Physiotherapist leads the group through a programme of gentle exercises. The warmth of the water helps the participants to exercise as it helps the muscles to relax and eases any pain in the muscles & joints. Muscle strength can also be improved as the water provides resistance as you push your limbs against it. The water also supports the body's weight which is beneficial in relieving pain and helping you increase the range movement in your joints. Hydrotherapy sessions are of 30 minutes duration.

Art & Craft

Join us in our classes, learn a new craft, revisit an old one or if the skills being taught do not appeal you are still very welcome to work on your own project. You don't need to be a crafter so why not just come along for a cuppa. If you, your family, or friends have a skill that could be passed on to us we would love to know about it.